Engineer-to-Order (ETO), Make-to-Order (MTO), Build-to-Order (BTO)

ERP for Manufacturing

A end-to-end ERP specifically designed for Indian Manufacturing businesses. From top-floor to shop-floor track everything from CRM, inventory, purchase and production planning to job costing, scheduling, and accounting.

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Best integrated cloud ERP for Manufacturing businesses to help them quickly transform their existing manual / excel based processes to a modern, scalable & future-proof ERP.


Customer Relationship Management

Enterprise CRM with custom extended features for custom manufacturing.

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  • Track Certification Requests, Tender Registrations, Site Visits, etc. using Campaigns & Activities
  • Approval for overall Campaign budget costs and individual campaign activities.
  • Track Purchase Requisitions & Outsource Orders directly from campaign activities.
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  • Auto-calculation of Weight-based & Process-based cost on Quote.
  • Configurable taxation & HSN Codes.
  • Divide and track Orders in Order Batches.
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  • Track enquiries & complaints as Cases.
  • Set Contracts, Terms & Entitlements as per contractual terms.
  • Set SLAs and track case activities to completion.

Inventory & Procurement

Integrated warehouse and inventory management with multiple sites & warehouses.

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  • Create & maintain entire Warehouse layout with inventory and operation locations.
  • Set auto-replenishment for items.
  • Multi-site and multi-warehouse capabilities.
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  • Flexibility in stock-keeping with overall area/dimensions or dimensions per unit.
  • Configurable LIFO & FIFO modes for inventory consumption.
  • Ability to procure raw materials based on weight and consume in various units in BOMs.
  • Material Weight based Purchase Orders and arrivals.
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  • Auto and manual purchase requisitions for products, materials or services with costing & approval.
  • End-to-end RFQ process with scoring and selection.
  • Auto and manual Vendor ratings.
  • Weight based raw-material procurement.

Production & Quality

Schedule & Manage your Production, ensure quality & process non-conformance.

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  • Setup resources for personnel, machines & vendors with availabilities.
  • Group resources by capabilities.
  • Link resources to production operations.
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  • Multiple routes for products or components, configurable to specific quantities or production dates.
  • Auto or manual approval for designs, BOM deviations or component deviations.
  • Flexibility to amend quantity during production and request additional raw materials as needed.
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  • In-house and outsourced quality processes with detailed tracking & scoring per tests and configurable triggers to quality checks.
  • Logging, approving and e2e execution of non-conformance.
  • Quick quality checks for Arrivals, Production Operations and Post-production.


Resource Management & Accounting

A complete HCM solution and a end-to-end accounting & finance suite.

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Human Capital


  • All features from Recruitment & on-boarding to exit and off-boarding.
  • HR data is tightly integrated with the system’s users and their activities.
  • For production businesses it provides a complete 360-degree view of all processes, tasks, milestones, incidents, etc. that the personnel has been involved in.
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  • Structure completely aligned with Tally and provides integration or export/import with Tally.
  • Configurable posting of transactions auto posts credit and debits to necessary groups.
  • Auditors can have separate login and view necessary data in real-time.
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  • Set budgets and approvals on various different cost centers.
  • Configurable financial goals and notifications.
  • Track risks & funding.
  • Comprehensive reports & analytics.


All the out-of-the-box modules are custom tailored to provide advanced options for the engineer-to-order businesses in India.

Ensuring your success through our proven adoption process..

  • 01. Kick-off

    At this first stage of the process we go-through the adoption process with you and help you identify key team members who could own adoption across your teams / business units

  • 02. Fit-Gap Analysis

    Using our proven templates we help you quickly perform fit gap analysis to list all critical configurations & customizations required in Brilbook for your business

  • 03. Plan

    This is where we define a plan specifically for you based on the fit gap analysis. Our motto here is to keep it simple, quick and affordable to you. We assign a dedicated team to ensure success.

  • 04. Optimizations

    We configure / customise the Brilbook ETO ERP as per your needs and enable you to perform end-to-end execution cycles across your teams.

  • 05. Data

    We use our ERP-specific data formats to quickly gather both configuration and transactional data from all your teams. A dedicated consultant works with your teams to gather, transform, import and verify data.

  • 06. Hands-on

    We assign a dedicated consultant to continually provide demos & training through the entire adoption process and help each of your teams to gain hands-on experience of the system for go-live.


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