Support that helps you grow.

Find the best Brilbook support plan for your business.

Support & Consulting

Choose between the plans best suited for your team and upgrade as needed.


Included with license subscriptions

Support for OOTB Brilbook Platform

Support for OOTB Brilbook Solutions

Billing and subscription management support

Basic installation, setup, and general usage reports

Professional Assist

10% of license subscription

Auto renews

Support & Training

Access to dedicated experts

Fast and easy ticketless support

Custom deployment and onboarding

Regular usage reviews

Professional Direct

15% of license subscription

Auto renews

Regular usage reviews & advisory

Pooled service delivery

Faster response times

Escalation management

Adoption guidance

Access to live sessions


Based on requirement

Auto renews

Personalized support

Assigned service delivery management

On-demand risk assessment

Escalation management

Service update management

Expert-led support

Health Assessments

Advisory Services

Priority Handling

Technical Webinars

Considerations & Terms of Purchase

  • Selected support plan begins once your paid subscription begins. Selected support plan is applied to all license subscriptions.
  • Cancellation policies vary based on your status as a new customer and your subscriptions.
  • Standard support is provided on all license subscriptions. Other support options are available only on annuual license subscriptions.