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Product Management

Organize and manage even the most complex product catalog for effective sales and to support your customers. Define products, families, and bundles, take advantage of product configurations and dynamics product properties, and define price lists and unit conversions as needed. Utilize various pricing options to ensure consistency and increases sales efficiency. And all these while you work with multiple currencies.

  • Units & Conversions
  • Multi-Currency
  • Products & Categories
  • Product Configurations
  • Price lists
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Marketing solution helps your team turn prospects into business relationships. Create and track campaigns for all marketing as well as pre-marketing activities. Send bulk emails and messages. Track campaign responses and easily convert them into Leads or Opportunities to realise ROI of the marketing campaign.

  • Segmentation using Marketing Lists
  • Campaigns
  • Campaign Responses
  • Convert campaign responses to leads
  • Leads & qualification process
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Sales solution helps you build strong relationships with your customers, take actions based on activities and close deals faster. Track all your accounts & contacts and process your sales from lead to order. Additionally dynamic product configurations and Terms & Conditions templates allow for customised deals.

  • Lead to Opportunity
  • Quotes & Revisions
  • Terms Templates
  • Orders & Invoicing
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From tracking new cases to recording all interactions on the case and processing the cases as per the SLAs, the Customer Service module also ensures detailed tracking based on Contracts & Entitlements.

  • Case Management
  • Entitlements
  • SLAs
  • Contracts
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