Deploy Brilbook on-Cloud or on-Premise as needed

Deployments options to suit your specific needs on data security, availability and license cost.

Image Description
. On Cloud (Managed) On Premise (Unmanaged)
Deployment In Azure, Amazon or Google datacenters. In client's private cloud, datacenter or on-prem server.
Control Brilino owned, managed & monitored. Client owned, managed and monitored.
Access No direct server or file access to the client, but data can be accessed through Brilbook integration APIs. Brilbook admin center APIs will need access to the brilbook instance APIs for data sync and upgrades.
Security Deployed to high-secured Azure, Amazon or Google clouds and continually managed by security experts. Client will be responsible for the security of the server and the applied network encryption & monitoring.
Cost All deployment and infrastructure costs are covered under Brilbook licenses with set limitations on space based on license type. Lower license costs for Brilbook solutions however client will be responsible for the ongoing costs of the server hardware, power consumption, and space.