Production & Quality

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Production Setup

The production admin allows setting various configurations and flags for default production process, inventory checks, order batch creation, approvals, etc.

  • Product Configurations & Production Routes
  • Multiple BOMs
  • Configure routes for specific quantity or dates
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The production module allows configurable and flexible approach to each stages of production. From allowing breaking the order into multiple order batches and design changes to amending execution BOMs, handling stock shortages and outsourcing production operations, the production team can ensure success.

  • Design & Approval
  • Ability to amend execution BOM
  • Planning stage to reserve inventory
  • Move reserved stock between orders
  • Handling stock shortages through procurement or deviations
  • Scheduling Production Operations
  • Material Consumption & Remains
  • Outsourcing operations or entire production
  • Painting & Packaging
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Brilbook Production Management
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Configurable Quality Tests and Configurations allow setting quality tests for arrivals, production operations, post-production and also for any adhoc inventory checks. The Quality solution also ensures checks on corrective actions and links any quality failures to the respective Purchase Order.

  • Quality Tools, Tests and Test Groups
  • Quality Configuration for Productions & Components
  • Quality Routes & Quality Orders
  • Quality Tests for Raw Material Arrival
  • Quality Test postproduction Operation
  • Quality Failures linking to Purchase
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The quality solution also provides for any reported non-conformances during a quality check. For quick quality tests, the user could just set action to reject or correct, while for detailed quality checks, the system allows for a end-to-end comprehensive non-comformance process through tracking of a separate non-formance order.

  • Non-Conformance Routes
  • Non-Conformance Order & Operations/li>
  • Repeat Quality Test for corrected items
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Create multiple shipments as per order batches and deliver them through various loads. The module also allows tracking approval from the sales/commercial team for shipments and third-party pickup details.

  • Delivery in Order batches
  • Sales/Commercial Approval
  • Shipments & Loads
  • Delivery or Pickup by Party
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